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September - June

9:00 am


(Parents, if your child doesn't feel comfortable being without you please feel free to join us.)

Kiddie Cloud (9:20am): First-year students are welcome at 3yrs old


Juniors (9am): All students from pre-K  through 4th grade


First Communion (9am): Students that are currently in the 5th grade will receive their first Communion in the spring, after receiving instruction.  Parents, please make sure you see the teacher; your child will be enrolled in this class, so it is important to receive information regarding lessons/requirements.  * There will be an adjustment made this year to complete Holy Communion instruction for last year’s class.


Confirmation Class (9am): All students that have received their First Communion & are in 6th grade or above may enroll to receive their confirmation through instruction. Parents, please make sure you see the teacher in what is expected/ requirements from the students, etc. ***There will be an adjustment made this year for the Confirmation students from last year’s class.***


Hope to see you all on Sunday morning!!!!


Blessings from the teachers here at St. John’s

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